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  As Insurance Brokers, our business concerns itself with Italian and international Insurance Advice. Its head office is located in Udine, Italy, and has jointly-working offices in other European countries.
We hold a foreground position in the Italian north-eastern region of Friuli Venezia Giulia with our organizational, technical and commercial structure, which allows us to face and solve any kind of insurance problem with responsibility and professionality.

We offer our clients the best solution to their insurance and financial requirements, by operating through primary insurance organizations and specialized financial societies.

Our personnel is formed by professionals with long experience in Firm and "Family and Profession" departments.
Besides, our staff's regular contacts with national and international markets continually enrich and refine their skills.

We guarantee serenity and security so that personal problems or firm goods (estate and human resources) may be adequately protected from negative events even in the most difficult moments.
We can formulate insurance programmes appropriate to a firm's real needs and manage them with qualified, reliable advice.

Since our start, we have always committed ourselves to reaching higher qualitative standards, standing on the client's side in order to best satisfy their growing demands.

We can therefore run every insurance branch, from vehicle to industrial risks, to caution money and guaranty, to land, sea and air transport insurance.

Our clients are:
Banks; industrial, agricultural-industrial and trade Firms; Firms operating in the advanced and innovative services sector; Hospitals; Nursing Homes and similar institutions; State-run organizations; Families; Freelancers; Artisans; Traders; Hotel managers; Farmers; any other self-employed profession; Tourism; Sport equipment and facilities;Category associations.

Finally, financial investments, supplementary pensions andopen pension funds.

Financing in tight cooperation with banks and national and international financial institutions.

Reciprocal relationship, cooperation and connections with financial branches of direct reference.

Marketing Dept and Outer Relations
Udine - ITALY

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